User Configuration - General

Initial user configuration is set by the administrator, but each user can configure their instance to suit their personal preferences. Under your 'My Profile', click the Edit button to set your contact details, as well as:

Language      Select your language. Available options are set by the administrator.

The locale will determine your date/time and number formats in

  Date Time Number
German (de_de) 15:22 113.000,00
Australian English (en_au)  d/mm/yy 3:22 PM 113,000.00
Canadian English (en_ca)  yy-mm-dd 3:22 PM 113,000.00
British English (en_gb)  dd/mm/yyy 15:22 113,000.00
U.S. English (en_us)  m/d/yy 3:22 PM 113,000.00
Iberian Spanish (es_es) dd/mm/yyy 15:22 113.000,00
French (fr_fr) dd/mm/yyy 15:22 113 000,00
Italian (it_it) dd/mm/yyy 15:22 113.000,00
Dutch (nl_nl) dd-mm-yy 15:22 113.000,00
Time Zone Select your local time zone.
Currency Select your default currency when creating new records. Available options are set by the administrator.


My Profile --> Configuration --> General

List page size The number of records to display in a list view before pagination.
Sublist page size The number of records to display in a detail view portlet before pagination.
Theme The color theme of your application.
Texture The background texture of your application.
Hide welcome page Check or uncheck the box to hide/show the welcome page upon login.
Hide from leaderboard If checked, the user will not appear in the leaderboard statistics.
Turn off email notifications Uncheck the box to stop receiving system email notifications. This does not apply to workflow emails.
Enable desktop notifications Check to enable desktop notifications. Only available with Chrome.
Hide from selecting If checked, the user will not appear as a selectable option when performing a search on Owner, to select for creating/modifying a record etc.

However, a user who has this checkbox checked will still have a record default with them as owner when creating new records.
Who can read and write - Default Set the default Right and Permissions when you create a new record.
Module Menu Determine the order of the modules as they appear on the right hand side of your application.
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