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A Dependent Pick List is a way to connect Pick Lists together with value dependencies. This can be useful for limiting the amount of data displayed in an edit view to only what is relevant based on your selections.

Example: Selecting Honda as “car make” in dropdown A triggers dropdown B to display Accord, Civic, CRV, etc.

  1. Create the separate Pick List fields in Designer.
  2. Create the Dependent Pick List field in Designer.
  3. Place the Dependent Pick List field in the detail and edit view layout (the other pick lists will be auto added).

Lets take an example of Car Make and Car Model.

First, in Designer, create a Pick List field with values for Car Make, comprised of the following values: Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan:


Now, create another Pick List with values for Car Model, comprised of the following values: Accord, Camry, Mustang, Altima:


Third, create a Dependent Pick List field that connects the Make and Model fields:
Honda–> Accord
Toyota–> Camry
Ford–> Mustang
Nissan–> Altima


Fourth, add your Dependent Pick List field into the Detail and Edit View layout. You only need to add the Cars dependent picklist field, you do not need to add the individual make and model picklist fields into the layout (they will be auto added).

Now, when you create or edit a new record, you will see the appropriate values for Car Make and Car Model:


Do you have more than one value per dependent drop down? No problem. In our car example, more than one car model per car make can be created. Just be sure to map each model appropriately when you are setting up the drop down dependency:


Then, in the edit view, you will now see three distinct values for Honda:


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