User - Customizing your detail view layout

Each user has the ability to customize the layout of Detail views for each module. You can choose which related module portlets to display, and where you want them to appear.

To change the layout, click into the detail view of a record. For example, let's look at the detail view for an account. You will notice a little lock icon at the top right hand corner:  detaiview_lock.jpg  To unlock the layout, click on the button:


You will now see that the lock icon appears as unlocked detaiview_lockopen.jpg, a new button called 'Add Portlet' appears to the left of the lock, and a configuration button appears in the top right hand corner of each portlet:


Add Portlet - clicking this button will bring up a pop up window that allows you to add a portlet in the view that is not currently displayed.

Configure button - the configure button detaiview_configurebutton.jpg for each portlet allows you to remove the portlet from the view. When you remove the portlet, you can always add it back by clicking the Add Portlet button.

Moving portlets - To move portlets around, click down on the portlet header with your mouse (a four cursor arrow will appear) and drag the portlet where you want to display it:


When you are done, click the open lock icon to lock the new layout. Now, the layout for all account detail views will reflect your changes.

Details vs Kanban View for Tasks

Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity records have the option of viewing the regular details of the record with all the related portlets, or you have the additional option of viewing a Kanban view of all tasks related to the record. To do so, click the Kanban Board view button at the top right:



To go back to the regular detailview of the record, click the 'View as Details' button: task_viewdetails.jpg

See Also: Tasks to read more about Tasks and the kanban task view.

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