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Queues allow you to automatically reassign Lead or Contact records between users based on assignment rules that you set.  So now you can automate the redistribution of leads fairly between members of your sales team.

How do Queues work?

The best way to understand queue reassignment is to look at an example. In our example we will create a new Queue called "General Sales". We will set the Rule Type to Round Robin and add Users Mary, Jill, John and Mike.

TIP: Queue reassignment works differently depending on the Rule Type you choose. In this example we consider a simple round robin rule.

The queue logic is triggered when a Contact or Lead record is assigned to the Queue. Assigning a Lead or Contact to a Queue is much like assigning a Lead or Contact to a User.


Once assigned to a Queue, however, the record is saved and immediately reassigned to the first of our specified Users in the Queue. In this example, the User would be   Mary.  

The next time that a Lead or Contact is assigned to the General Sales Queue it will be reassigned to Jill. And so on and so forth to John, then Mike then returning to Mary to begin the cycle again.

Setting up a your Queue

Creating a new Queue is easy, let's look at the options on the form

To create a new queue:

  1. Go to Administration > Queues.
  2. Click the Create button.
  3. Populate the relevant information and click Save.

  • Name: This is the friendly name of your Queue. You will be able to assign Leads or Contacts to this Queue in and the record will be redistributed to a User based on the rules you set.
  • Rule Type: Select the rule type you want for your queue
  • Users: Add individual users who the will be considered when redistributing records
  • Groups: Add Groups of users who will be considered when redistributing records
TIP: Depending on rule type, you will need to set a duration interval or a specific user to be notified (see rules with acceptance).

Rule Types


When this Queue is selected as the Owner of the contact/lead, the Users and members of the Group selected will all have visibility to view this record. User and members can then assign the Lead or Contact record to themselves.

Round Robin

When a Lead or Contact is saved, the owner will automatically be populated with one of the Users or members of the Group selected in a Round Robin rule type.

Manual With Acceptance

All Users will receive a notification, the first one who accepts will be the owner of the Lead/Contact. There are two additional fields for this option: Rule Duration Interval and User To Notify. The Users will be notified if a Queue member accepts the Lead/Contact after the set duration interval.

Manual Round Robin With Acceptance

Only one User at a time will receive a notification. The User may Accept or Reject the Lead/Contact. If rejected, a new notification will be sent to the next User on the Queue. This process will continue until a User accepts the Lead/Contact ownership. 

Modifying and Deleting Queues

It is possible to modify your Queues to add and remove Users that should be considered. You can also delete Queues that you no longer need.

To view and add/remove a user to/from a queue:

  1. Go to Administration > Queues.
  2. Select the Queue you wish to edit.
  3. In the Users or Groups fields, click the "x" next to the User or Group you wish to remove. To add a User/Group, begin typing the name of a User or Group then select your desired User or Group.
  4. Click Save.

To delete a queue:

  1. Go to Administration > Queues.
  2. Select the Queue you want to edit.
  3. Click "Delete" from the Options dropdown when in the Detail View OR click "Delete" located next to the Cancel and Save buttons in the Edit View.


Q. What is the difference between specifying Users or Groups in a queue?

A. Users are individually specified users where as Groups are groups of users.  Groups are configured in the Administration > Groups area.  You may already be using Groups to set permissions for your users.

Q. Can I specify both users and Groups in a Queue?

A. Yes, in this case the distribution rule will process for all Users in the Queue, whether they are specifically listed as a User or exist as a member of a Group.

Q. I want any new US leads to be reassigned automatically between my USA Sales team, how can I do that?

A. This is easily achieved, simply create a Queue for your USA Sales Team then combine that with creating an On Save Workflow which reassigns new Leads to the USA Sales Team Queue WHERE Country = USA.




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