Creating Users

Once you have your instance up and running you will want to create new user accounts for your colleagues so that they too can begin to use the system. This tutorial will talk you through the creation of a new user account.

In order to create a new user in the system you need to be logged in with a user account that is a member of the “Super Administrators” group or belongs to a group granting access to create User records. Once logged into, click the gear icon Gear Settings Icon and select “Users” from the dropdown to access the Users area.

1.    Click the “Create” button

2.    Provide a “Name”, “Username” and “Password” and click Save


And that’s it, you have created a new user capable of logging into  That was easy wasn’t it!!  But of course there is more information we can and probably should provide at this time to give detail about the user and their security access.  The table below explores each field in detail.



First name

The first name of the user.

Last name 

The last name of the user.


The username the user will use to login to


The password the user will use to login to

Job Title

The title or role of the user within the company.

Office Phone

Office telephone number of the user.


Select an existing user in the system who acts as the users direct line manager.


Select the users Role (this has implications to the users access and security) See Roles.

Mobile Phone

Mobile telephone number of the user.


Department or area that the user works for.


The users email address (must be set for the user to receive email notifications from


The user's address or location.


The user's preferred language when using


The user's preferred date/time and number formats in


User's default timezone.


User's default currency.


Active or inactive. Only “Active” users can login to

The extra detail will show on the users profile and so also serves as a company directory where users can share their contact information.

Users can update their own contact information or rest their password should they wish from the “My Profile” area.  They will not however be able to change their “Status” or modify their “Role” unless they have been granted the privileges to do so via Group security.

Users cannot be deleted. You can however change their status to inactive. 


Q. I cannot change the status of a user to inactive, the option is greyed out?

A. If a users status dropdown is greyed out during editing then this user is probably a member of the Super Administrators group.  It is not possible to deactivate a user if they are a current member of the Super Administrators group, first you must remove the user from the super administrators Group and then you can mark the user as inactive.

  1. Open Administration > Groups and click on the Super Administrators group
  2. Click on the User membership button
  3. Highlight the user you wish to remove from the Members box and move them to Non Members
  4. Save your changes
  5. Now you can edit your user record again and change its status to Inactive.
Only current members of the Super Administrators group can add/remove other users as members. We recommend that you always maintain at least one active user with Super Administrator privileges.
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