Which Email Integration is best for my Organization?

CRM.me has a number of Email Integration options and it's important to choose the one that best suits your company.  If you need help deciding which is the best choice for your organization then this article aims to help with a quick fire overview of each solution:


Exchange Integration


  • Intelligent Email Archiving to CRM.me Contacts and Leads
  • Synchronize Contacts with CRM.me
  • Synchronize Calendar Events with CRM.me
  • Synchronize Tasks with CRM.me

Basic requirements:

  • Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 or Office 365
  • Users must have an Exchange/Office 365 email account
  • Exchange Gateway Server must be installed and maintained on your network
  • initial configuration requires basic knowledge of Exchange
  • Estimated setup time 30-45 mins


  • Single installation and setup
  • Administrated and Deployed to all users from one location
  • Integrates at the Exchange level meaning the integration is available however you access Exchange (Via Outlook, mobile, webmail)
  • Ability to create a common standard policy for all members of your organization

You must have an Exchange/Office365 mail environment to use the Exchange integration. If all of your users have Exchange accounts then this is probably the the best solution for you.  The Exchange Gateway software will allow you to create one common sync policy for all users, ie, you cannot sync meetings for one user and not for another.  For full details and requirements see the CRM.me Exchange Integration Guide: https://CRM.me.zendesk.com/entries/27783737-CRM.me-Exchange-Integration-Guide


Outlook Plugin


  • Intelligent Email Archiving to CRM.me Contacts and Leads
  • Synchronize Contacts with CRM.me
  • Synchronize Calendar Events with CRM.me
  • Synchronize Tasks with CRM.me

Basic requirements:

  • Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Client side installation on each user's machine
  • Estimated setup time 5-10 mins


  • Easy to install and configure
  • Client side configuration allows users to choose their own sync policies
  • Works in a mixed email environment provided all users use the Outlook mail client.

The Outlook plugin is easy to install and configure. It also provides users with the flexibility to configure and manage their own sync policies.  The plugin requires client side installation and configuration, meaning it must be manually installed and set up on each end user's machine.  If a user changes their CRM.me password, for example, they will need to update the Outlook plugin configuration with the new password as well in order for it to continue syncing items.

If your company has a mixed email environment (some people use Gmail, others use Hotmail or other email accounts, etc) but they all have Outlook, then the Outlook Plugin would allow them all to use a common Integration tool.  Full details and requirements for the Outlook Plugin for CRM.me can be found in this article: https://CRM.me.zendesk.com/entries/25938397-CRM.me-Outlook-Plugin

The Outlook plugin is only supported on Windows based operating systems, it does not support Outlook for Mac.


Google Apps Integration


  • Email Archiving to CRM.me Contacts and Leads
  • Synchronize Contacts with CRM.me
  • Synchronize Calendar Events with CRM.me

Basic requirements:

  • Google Enterprise account
  • Users must have a Google Apps account under your Business Domain
  • Estimated setup time 5 mins
  • For Contact and Calendar sync each user needs to authenticate with Google the first time and allow CRM.me to access their account.


  • Gmail Archiving Widget can be added from the Google Apps Marketplace
  • No installations, its all in the cloud.
  • Users can set their own sync policy for Contacts and Calendar

If your company uses Google to manage their email and your users are familiar with accessing their email via the Gmail web interface, then the Google Apps integration is probably the best fit.  Users wishing to sync their Google Contacts and Calendar items will need to follow some simple steps to enable the sync the first time following on screen instructions, but otherwise there is minimal set up time to get you started once we here at CRM.me have configured your CRM.me instance for Google Apps integration.

For full details on the Google Apps integration please see the articles below:
Google Apps Integration - Gmail Archiving: https://CRM.me.zendesk.com/entries/25841323-Google-Apps-Integration-Gmail-Archiving
Google Apps Integration - Contact and Calendar Sync: https://CRM.me.zendesk.com/entries/25770887-Google-Apps-Integration-Contact-and-Calendar-Sync


CRM.me Email Archiving

If you are after something much simpler or your email solution is not compatible with the options above then don't worry because you can still archive email to Contacts and Leads in CRM.me using a CRM.me Email Archiving dropbox.  In a nutshell this allows you to set up an email account that you can Forward or BCc emails to, CRM.me will then pick up any emails the emails delivered to the accounts inbox and archive them automatically against matching Contact or Lead records in the CRM.

you can find out more about the CRM.me Email Archiving solution and instructions on how to set up and use it here:



Did that help?

Once you have chosen which solution is the best fit for your company then contact the CRM.me Support Team (support@CRM.me.com) so that we can set up the integration or provide you with the necessary license keys depending on your choice.  Remember that you can only choose one of the above solutions for your CRM.me instance. We do this to protect against syncing loops. 

Still have questions?  Take a look at our FAQs section below or contact the CRM.me support team and we will help.



Q. What is a Syncing Loop?

A. This is a term to describe a situation where an items is synced over and over again in a continuous loop. This could occur if you were syncing items between your mail account and CRM.me in more than one way. For example: Imagine you have both the Exchange Integration and the Outlook plugin set up for the same account. If you were to create a new Contact in CRM.me it might sync to Exchange. This new Exchange Contact would then appear in Outlook. So far so good.  The problem is that the Outlook plugin would be unaware that you also have an Exchange Integration and that the Contact originated from CRM.me; instead it will attempt to create a new Contact in CRM.me from Outlook. This in turn could sync to Exchange and the cycle would continue over and over, creating many duplicates.

Q. Why can't I use more than one of the solutions above at the same time?

A. We prevent you from using more than one solution at the same time when syncing to the same CRM.me instance to protect you against possible syncing loops that may occur.

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