Compose an Email

You can send an individual email to a Lead or Contact in by clicking on the email address field (detail view, portlets etc), or from the Latest Activities portlet, click the Create-->Email option.


  • It is necessary for the administrator to configure the system wide outbound email settings for email to be sent from
  • It is necessary to configure your user email settings the first time you try to send an email.

A popup window will appear:

To: the lead/contact name will auto populate. You can type additional contacts to add to the email.

Cc/Bcc: Click the Cc/Bcc link to carbon copy or blank carbon copy additional people on the email.

Subject: Enter the email subject line.

Select a Template: You have the option to choose a pre-designed Email Template and layout.

Body: Type your email message, or you can modify the text if you selected a template.

Add Files: click Add Files if you want to add any attachments.


Click Send when you are finished to send out your email.


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