Roll Up

Sometimes I get asked how to attach an email directly to an Opportunity or Account in  You might expect to edit an email record and see an option to manually associate an Opportunity or Account, but in fact seeing emails and other potentially important activity relating to these records is much easier than that and you will spend a lot less time manually clicking around to link up one record to the next.

Roll Up

So how do you follow those emails between you and your prospective Customer from the Opportunity?'s answer is the "Roll Up" feature.

In the account detail view, scroll down to the All Activities area. You will notice a Roll Up button.  You can turn Roll Up On to display emails that may be relating to the Opportunity you are working on. The roll up option is also available for use within Contacts, Leads, and Accounts.


The screenshot shows part of an Opportunity record. There is one contact associated to it "Maya Allen".  When I switch On Roll Up in the Latest Activities portlet any recent activities from the Maya Allen contact (including archived emails) are folded in to the Opportunities Latest Activities feed. 

  • If the button displays Roll Up On, then roll up is enabled and you will see all related activities for related Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, etc. To disable roll up, simply click the button.
  • If the button displays Roll Up Off, this means that roll up is not enabled and you will only see activity records that are directly associated with the account. To enable roll up, simply click the button to read Roll Up On.

If you are working on an Opportunity then you will likely be dealing with a Contact at the customer account.  As long as this Contact is on the Opportunity you should have no trouble seeing what's going on with the Opportunity using Roll Up.

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