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Exporting your data from CRM.me is often necessary, whether you are exporting this months Sales Opportunities report or pulling a list of all your Accounts to drop into an Excel spreadsheet CRM.me aims to make getting your data easy.  There are a couple of common ways to export your data so lets begin by exploring those.

Export from a list

The simplest method for exporting records from CRM.me is from the module list view.  Simply open the module you wish to export records from, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities etc. and search for the records you want to export.  Here you can export a selection of the records or export all results returned by your search.  To export only a selection of the results first check those records in the list and then choose Selected from the Export action dropdown.


Export from a Report

You can also export the results of any Row and column or Summation report to CSV.  First open your report then select to CSV from the Export action menu.  If your report includes run-time filters be sure to set those and run the report again before exporting the data


Large and Small Exports

Small Exports, those less than 1000 records, will be exported immediately to the user for download in the browser.  Larger Exports, those with more than 1000 records, will be parsed to the Export Queue for processing later.  If you have requested a large export an on-screen message like the one below will be displayed to let you know that your Export request has been queued.


You can view and manage all Export requests in the Export Queue within the Administration area.  

Export Queue

Users with access to the Export Queue will be able to view the progress of all large exports.  All export requests shown here will be processed by the Export job which runs automatically at regular intervals.  Each Export in the list will be processed sequentially in the order it was received to the queue. 

The Export job will process up to 2000 rows from items in the queue each time it runs.  Therefore it may be necessary for the Export job to complete multiple times before very large exports complete fully, i.e. the Export job would need to run 5 times in order to complete an export of 10,000 records.  Information about the number of rows in an export request and how many rows have already been processed is also included on the item in the Export queue along side information about the type of export and the user who requested it. 


Pending 2000/2071

In this example we can see that CRM.me has processed 2000 of the total number of 2071 rows in the export request. We can see from the 'pending' status that the rest of the rows in the report are currently waiting to be processed. The remaining 71 will be completed next time the Export Job is run.


This indicates that the export request comes from a CRM.me report. Had the user selected an export of records from the Accounts list then we would expect the file name to be accounts.csv, for example.


This is the name of the user who requested the export. Once the export completes this user will receive a notification on their CRM.me Inbox that their export is ready and a link from where to download the resulting csv file.


Finally users have the option to cancel a pending export item. Cancelled items will be removed from the queue the next time the Export job runs allowing exports behind them in the queue to be processed sooner.

Export Request Statuses

Completed Export - These exports have completed, a notification has been sent to the CRM.me inbox of the user who requested the export.

Pending Export - These exports are queued and are waiting to be processed.

Cancelled Export - Clicking the Cancel button will mark the export as cancelled. 


Completed Export Notification

Once your queued export has completed processing you will receive a notification in your CRM.me inbox like the one shown below.  The notification will include details of when you requested the export and a link to download the resulting csv file.

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