Email Archiving

The email archiving built in allows users to archive emails from their email box and link to a record in simply by being sent to a special address.

Email Archive Setup

The IMAP settings can be entered by an administrator under Administration --> Email Configuration --> Email Archiving Configuration.


It is best to use an email address solely used for the purpose of archiving emails. Do not use your personal email settings.

Once you have entered the settings, click the 'Test Connection' button to ensure it is properly set up. Then, click Save. This will apply for all users.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The email account you use for Email archiving should be used solely for this purpose, DO NOT use a personal email account or any email account that receives email for other purposes.

How to Archive an email

Let's say the administrator has set up an archive email address of A user of the system can archive an email into the CRM:

  • When a user is sending an email to a contact, they can BCC
  • If a user receives an inbound email into their mailbox, they can FORWARD it to
Archiving will only work for users who BCC or FWD from the same email address that is located under their My Profile area.

Unmatched Emails

The system will automatically link the email to the contact or lead record if there is an email match to that contact/lead in when using BCC or FWD. If the system does not locate the contact/lead, the email will appear in the user's Unmatched emails area. Unmatched emails can be found under a user's Settings at the top right hand side of the application, under ‘Data Cleanup’ (a user will also receive a notification in their Inbox on the home page). Items will appear here on a user by user basis. An unmatched email can be discarded, linked to an existing record in the system, or used to create a new record in



Q. Why do I have "Owner of the message does not Exist" notifications in my Inbox?

A. Any attempt to send an email to the archive email address from someone whose email address does not match that of a system user will receive a bounce back email error message like this one: 

If you are seeing this message is probably because a user is trying to archive a message sending an e-mail from an alternative e-mail account, not the one registered in his profile.  These notifications will only be received by members of the Super Administrators group.

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