Web Forms

Create a web form to allow visitors on your website to enter their contact and other relevant information. A new Lead or Contact record in CRM.me will be created with this information.

To access web forms, go to Administration--> Web Forms.

Contact Web Forms

To create a web form, click the Create button.


  • Name - Enter a name for your web form that helps you identify it.
  • Redirect URL - Enter the URL that the form filler will be redirected to after submitting the form.
  • Submit Button Label - Type in the label name of the submit button for the form.
  • Language - Select the language in which the fields on the form will appear (available options based on the system languages you have enabled).
  • Default Status - When the form is submitted, select the default value of the Status field of the newly created record. The status selected will determine whether a new Lead or Contact record is created.
  • Default Owner - When the form is submitted, select the default value of the Owner field for the new record.
  • Default - Who can read and write - When the form is submitted, select the default value of the Who can read and write permission for the new record.
  • Exclude Styles - Check this box if you want to remove the CSS style sheet from the form. Non styled HTML will be returned and you will be able to style the form as desired from the website using CSS.
  • Enable Captcha - Check this box to enable Captcha security before someone can submit the form. In order for the checkbox to be enabled, you must have both the public and private captcha keys populated in the Global Configuration area.

Form Layout

Check off the fields from the Available Fields list that you want to add to your form. Once checked, they will appear under the Chosen Fields column, where you can order them and/or remove them. Required fields will automatically appear in the Chosen Fields column and cannot be removed.

  • Required? - System required fields will automatically have this box checked and cannot be unchecked. Check off the box to force the form filler to fill out the field on the form.
  • Hidden? - Check this box to hide the field from the form. When checked, a Value field will appear where you can set the value that will be populated for this field for all records created from the form. This is useful in the scenario where you have a custom required field in CRM.me that you do not want to appear on the form, or to auto populate the Source field in CRM.me, but not have it appear on the form.
  • Label - This is the label name of the field as it will appear on the form. By default, the label will be the same as the label name in CRM.me.


Form Code

Once you save your form, you will see some code in the web form detailview that you need to copy and paste into your web page code.

The form will then appear on your website:


Contact Web Form Entries

The Contact Web Form Entries button will display a log of all the Leads/Contacts that have been submitted via a web form. It shows the name of the web form submitted, as well as the date/time, contact name, and the message status (whether it was successfully submitted or if there was an error).



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