G Suite Integration

Note: Due to recent changes in Google's data access policy, these features are currently unavailable. We are currently working to regain access to these scopes but we cannot provide a timeline or guarantee that they will be reinstated.

Synchronize your Contacts, Calendar events bi-directionally with CRM.me and archive email to the crm direct from within Gmail.  This article will walk you through the process of syncing your Google account with CRM.me every user will need to go through this process... so lets begin!

If you are the Administrator and you haven't enabled the integration for your company yet?... GO HERE!

How To Setup My User

STEP 1  Enter Your Google address and sync Preferences.

Login to CRM.me, click on your user and select My Profile from the menu.  Now on your user profile hover over the Configuration button and select G Suite Configuration from the menu.

  • G Suite Email Address:  Enter the User's Gmail email address.
  • Sync Meetings: Check box to enable Meeting sync.
  • Sync Contacts:  Check box to enable Contact sync.
  • If a conflict is detected during synchronization, assign higher priority to:  When a change is made to a Contact or Meeting record in both CRM.me and Gmail before the sync processes, select which system’s changes will prevail during the sync.
  • Delete meetings from CRM.me: Deleting a meeting in Google Calendar will delete the corresponding meeting in CRM.me.
  • Delete meetings from Google: Deleting a meeting in CRM.me will delete the corresponding meeting in Google Calendar.
  • Delete contacts from CRM.me: Deleting a Contact in Google will delete the corresponding Contact in CRM.me.
  • Delete contacts from Google: Deleting a Contact in CRM.me will delete the corresponding Contact in Google.
Syncing Calendar from Google to CRM.me is limited to 20 days last modified - this is a Google limitation.

STEP 2  Authorize Permission

If you are setting up G Suite for the first time or are entering a new email address then you will be prompted to authorize CRM.me to sync data with Google immediately after saving the changes.


Click the Connect to Google Button.  You will be redirected to log into your Google account. Once logged in, click the Accept button to allow sync between CRM.me and Google:

Once you click Accept, you will receive a message that CRM.me is now authorized to access and update data into your Google Account.

STEP 3  Create CRM.me group in Google Contacts (optional)

This step is optional, only if you want to sync contacts between CRM.me to Google you will need to set this up, otherwise continue to step 4. 

If you do wish to sync contacts then you will need to login to Gmail and create a new Contact Group named CRM.me. To create a contact group:

  1. Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then choose Contacts.
  2. In the menu to the left of the screen click New Group... or select contacts that you want to add to CRM.me, click the Groups button, then Create new.
  3. Name your new group CRM.me.
  4. Click OK.

In order to keep your Google Contacts organized and give you control over which contacts are synced to CRM.me we only sync contacts to and from this group.  Until this group has been created in your Google account, no contacts will be synced.  If you need it then here you will find more information on creating Contact Groups or managing Contact Groups in Google.

STEP 4 Archiving Emails

The next time you open an email in Gmail you will notice the CRM.me CRM menu appears at the bottom of the email. For first time users be aware that a popup window loads to authenticate access to your Google account.

IMPORTANT! The first time the widget loads a popup window will appear to authorize access to your Google account.  Your browser may block this popup by default, you must allow pop ups from mail.Google.com for the menu to load fully.

Allow the browser popup

The very first time the Gmail widget attempts to load a popup to authenticate access to your Google account will appear.  Your browser may block that pop up from appearing showing a Pop-up blocked warning like this one below.  If that happens you can click on the wanting and follow the link at the top to allow the pop-up to appear or choose to allow pop-ups from mail.google.com.


How to archive an email

Emails can be archived to a Lead or Contact record in CRM.me. You can only archive an email directly to one record in CRM.me however the email will also be linked to all Contacts or Leads with an email address matching those in the email header (From, To, Cc, Etc).

  1. From Gmail, click into the email you want to archive.
  2. Below the email message, you will see a 'CRM.me' panel.

  3. Click the button for the action you want to perform:
    • Select Contact/Lead: Select an existing Contact or Lead record to archive the email to.
    • Create Lead: Creates a new Lead record in CRM.me and archives the email to this new Lead.
    • Create Contact: Creates a new Contact record in CRM.me and archives the email to this new Contact.

The email will then archive into CRM.me against the appropriate Contact/Lead selected or created.


And you're finished!

Congratulations, you are all synced up! 

If you are having issues with the G Suite integration, have questions or you just want to understand in detail whats going on... believe me some of us are into that!  Then come and join us as we go through the G Suite FAQs and Troubleshooting.


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