Workflow Overview

The workflow capability in allows for the automation of common work tasks like assigning leads and sending alerts. Workflow configuration is located in the Administration area under 'Workflows'.

In the Workflow section you will see the Workflow Action Bar just below the main menu bar.

Workflow Action Bar – Main administration items for workflows.

  • Workflow – Manage and edit Workflows or create new workflows using the dropdown arrow.
  • Templates – Manage and edit workflow email templates or create new templates using the dropdown arrow..
  • Time Queue – View pending Time Elapse based workflows.
  • Message Queue – View pending workflow email alerts.
  • Ordering – View and manage the order in which workflows are executed.

Workflow Types

There are two types of workflows you can create, On-Save and Time Based.


On-Save Workflows

This type of workflow takes action when the records is saved.

Example: When a new lead is created and saved, a workflow rule may assign that lead to the assigned resource. Joe Sales rep covers Texas. When new leads with State = Texas, the system assigns that lead to Joe and notifies him that he has a new lead for follow-up.

More info about On Save Workflows


Time-Based Workflows

Time based workflows act like record watchers. This workflow type takes action after a period of time elapses.

Example: Based on business rules, sales management may want system enforced, lead follow-up response times after 24 hours. Our rule may be, if Lead Status = New for > 24h then, remind the sales rep and his manager. If Lead Status = New for > 48h, then reassign the lead to his manager (or other resource). Joe, who just got a new system assigned lead in Texas, is required to follow up with that lead within 24 hours.

More info about Time Based Workflows


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