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Campaign emails can be sent to Leads and Contacts of the system. In order to send out a campaign, you will need to create the list of people who will receive it. There are a number of ways to add subscribers to your marketing list, we discuss those in the guide below:

A list can be used in more than one campaign.



Create a new List

To create a new List, click into the Marketing module. Then, from the Create button, select Create List.


  • Name: Enter the Name of the Marketing List. This name can be seen by the subscribers when they subscribe and unsubscribe, so keep this in mind when naming your list.
  • Description: this is a description of the list and is for internal purposes only.
  • From Name: the default name that the campaign will appear as coming from for this list. This setting will auto populate when creating a new campaign and can be changed when building out the campaign.
  • From Address: the default email address that the campaign will appear as coming from. This setting will auto populate when creating a new campaign and can be changed when building out the campaign.
  • Anyone can Subscribe:  When checked, any lead or contact is able to view this list from the manage subscriptions page and subscribe to it.

NOTE: Each list in is separate from the others. This means that bounces and unsubscribes are tracked on a per-list basis rather than globally across all lists.

Manage your List

Once you create your list, you will be brought to the List detail view.


Details: Hovering over the Details button will display the total number of people who have subscribed and unsubscribed from the list. It will also show the description of the list (if populated), as well as the read and write privileges. To edit or delete the list, click on the Options button.

Add Subscribers to the List

There are a number of different ways you can add subscribers to your list.  Each of those are discussed below:

  1. Manual subscription:  From the Marketing list detail layout click the +Add Contact/Lead button to add contacts/leads to the list. You can manually search for and add someone by typing their name into the search bar.
  2. From a Report: From the Marketing list detail layout click the +Add Contact/Lead button and then select the From Report option.  Here select the Contact/Lead centric report you wish to use.  All Contacts and Leads on the report results will be added as subscribers to your list.  Selecting from a report will only pull people from the day you select from report. If you reselect from the same report at a later date within the same list, only the new people from the report who are not already in the list will be added.
  3. From a Search:  From the Contact or Lead module search for the contacts you wish to subscribe to your marketing list.  Now using the Subscribe menus from the action bar you can choose to subscribe selected records or all results to your preferred marketing list.
  4. Auto-subscribe via Workflow:  You can automatically subscribe a Contact or Lead to a specified Marketing list using a workflow, one example would be to create an On-Save workflow that triggers when a Contact becomes a customer with an Action to subscribe them to the "Customers" marketing list.
REMEMBER!  For help creating a Contact centric report to populate your marketing list take a look at our guide here

Manage Subscribers

Use the Subscribe and Unsubscribe buttons to search for and manually change the subscribe or unsubscribe status for the contacts/leads in the list. Use the Delete button to remove selected contacts from the list.


Create an autoresponder to send out a follow-up email to a contact/lead when they either subscribe or unsubscribe from your list. Select the timing of the trigger to set how soon after the trigger the email goes out.  

Choose an existing email template if one already exists, or create the content in Text and/or HTML format.


This section shows all campaigns that are currently using this list of contacts. You can also create a new campaign that will be linked to this list by clicking the create button.

List Dashboard

Displays the graphical results and calculations of the contacts/leads within the list. Click the cog at the top right to edit the date ranges for the data being displayed.


Overall List Performance:

Displays the Unique CTR (click through rates) and Open rates for any campaign emails sent to this list.

Emails in this List:

The number of emails sent to the recipients in this list (includes campaign and autoresponder emails).

List Growth:

Displays the number of existing and new subscribers.

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