Levels are part of the CRM.me Gamification engine. There are two types of leveling in CRM.me: General Leveling and Category Leveling.

General Levels

Users accumulate XP points through actions performed in the system. This accumulation of points is their "Overall XP". A user's overall XP is an indicator of their experience in the system, but having an experience of 3922 XP doesn't really work very well for us humans. Instead we use a leveling system both as an indicator of experience and to provide achievable goals that users can work toward.

To begin achieving level-ups requires little effort, becoming increasingly difficult the higher you go. We want to give players a positive introduction to the game experience and then encourage those at higher levels to explore badges, category level ups, and custom missions to gain the bonus points they offer.

Users will receive an on screen alert congratulating them on achieving a new level. They will also be able to track their progress to the next level with a progress bar on their gamification dashboard.

Category Levels

The goal with Category leveling was driven by ambition to do something different with CRM gamification. We wanted to provide a game mechanic which was meaningful and not just another points and badges add-on.

We all have different strengths. Some people are good at following up with our clients while others have a knack for driving new business. So imagine Gary and Jane are both level 8 system users. That does not tell you much about what they do or what they are good at.

Category leveling is designed to give those overall levels some meaning by showing how Gary and Jane got to level 8. Where they scored their points, what they are doing well and what they could do better.

Most actions in the CRM fall into rather specific categories:

  • General
  • Sales
  • New Business
  • Account Management
  • Time Management
  • Communication

While all actions in the system earn XP points, actions that fall into any of the categories above will additionally count toward your experience or XP score in that area. Similar to general leveling, each category will level up independently. So for example let's say Steve, who has a gift for sales but relies heavily on his own mental notes, may have achieved level 30 in Sales but has a lowly level 2 for Communication.

This information starts to build a picture of what Steve is good at (closing deals) and what he could do better (sharing those call and meeting notes in the CRM).

Category Level Bonus points

As well as visually showing Steve that he may wish to better document his conversations with clients in the CRM, we want to encourage Steve to change his behavior. Bonus XP points, which are allocated to the users overall XP tally, are awarded each time a user levels up within a category. Since early levels in all categories are easier to achieve (becoming progressively harder), Steve would be rewarded generously for changing his bad habits and documenting his calls and meetings.

Level Unlocking Perks

Achieving higher levels will unlock system Themes and Textures, as well opportunity kanban themes!




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