XP Points

XP Points are experience points that are awarded to users for every action they perform in the system, from editing an Account record, searching for a Contact, or simply logging in. These XP points accumulate as users work toward achieving levels of competence in the system.

To understand how many points are awarded to each action you need to understand the goals for point allocation:

  • To Reward System Use
  • To Reward Best Practices

It is also important to consider that some actions require less manual effort and/or would be performed more regularly than others.

XP point allocations vary depending on the action performed. Additional points are allocated for actions that require additional effort and/or promote business and system best practices, such as closing a deal or converting a lead.

Example point allocation:

Action XP Comment
Creating a new Opportunity 10 Standard action
Updating an Opportunity 10 Standard action
Winning an Opportunity 50 Best practice
Creating a Lead 10 Standard action
Updating a Lead 10 Standard action
Converting a Lead 25 Best practice
Searching for records 5 High Frequency
Performing an import 20 Low Frequency


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