How Do Free Trials Work?

Thanks for signing up for a trail!  We understand you may have questions about how the Free Trial works or how to convert your Trial to a full subscription.  We have created this list of frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need!

Of course if you don't find what you are looking for just let us know at and our support team will gladly assist! Trial FAQs

How long does my my free trial last?

Your free trial will last for a period of 10 days. 

What happens after the 10 day trial period?

Once the 10 days of your trial are up we will automatically delete your trail along with all changes and data you may have added.  We don't keep any of your data.  Remember you can purchase subscription and convert your trail at anytime during your trail.

Upon purchasing a subscription will I loose the data from my trial?

Absolutely not!  When you sign up for a subscription we will give you the option to convert your Trial along with all data and changes you have made so you don't lose a thing. 

If you prefer to have a fresh start with a new instance then we can do that for you as well of course. 


If your purchase of subscription was made from AppSumo, the AppSumo codes CANNOT convert trail accounts. In other words, the only way to convert trail accounts is via the official subscription page.

How many users can I have in my trial?

During your trial period you may have up to 100 active users!

How do I purchase a subscription?

Just contact us at and let us know you want to sign up.  To speed things up it would help it you can confirm the following information when you do:

  • How many users will you start with?
  • Subscription Plan: Team, Pro or Enterprise
  • Preferred URL, (this will be your unique url depending on availability)

What are my payment options?

All subscriptions are billed annually.  Payment can be made by Credit Card, Wire transfer or via Paypal.  If you need to make payment via any other method just let us know and we'll always try to accommodate your needs.

Can I import data from my current/previous CRM?

Yes, you will need to convert data from your current/previous CRM into a CSV file then import that data into your instance. For more information on Imports please visit our Help Center.

Can I use Google Apps integration during the trial?

Unfortunately our 10 day trails do not include the ability to use the Google Apps integration. Visit our Help Center for more information on third party integrations.

How much does cost? offers three subscription levels. Team, Professional and Enterprise, all of which are billed annually. 

  • Team subscription: 5 user minimum, each user is $35 per month for an annual total of $2,100
  • Professional subscription: 5 user minimum, each user is $59 per month for an annual total of $3,540
  • Enterprise subscription: 10 user minimum, each user is $99 per month for an annual total of $11,880

A full list of features for each subscription level can be found on the pricing section of our website.

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