Working with Calculated Numbers

This guide will show you how to work with calculated numbers in

Creating formula

Available fields for use in the formula are listed in the formula table below the formula box.

  • Field Name

The field name is as it appears in the user interface. This is in order to help you identify the field you want to use in your formula.

  • Formula Name

This refers to the name that you want to copy and paste into your formula.

  • Can be used in math expression

If yes, then you can use this field in your math calculation.

If no, then the field can solely be used in the formula as a condition. Only currency, decimal, and integer fields can be used in math equations.

Example formula

1. Simple

A simple math formula can be created, for example, (probability * amount) / 100

2. Advanced

In order to create a more advanced formula using the IF statement syntax, for example,  IF(condition; TrueValue; FalseValue) please ensure the following:

  • Conditions in the IF statement should be separated by a semi-colon ;
  • Any specific string values in the condition should be surrounded by single quotation marks'
  • See for example,  IF(stage != 'Closed Won', (probability * amount) / 100, amount)

Please note, IF statement operators are the following:

<  Less than
>  Greater than
==  Equals
!=   Does not Equal
<=  Less than or equal to
>=  Greater than or equal to



Let's work through the following example to

Create 3 custom fields in Opportunities:

  • Project Budget as a Currency field (projectbdgtCstm)
  • Sales Comission(%) as a Decimal field (comissionCstm)
  • Estimated Profit as a Calculated Number

 Firstly, go to Admin -> Designer-> Create Field: Currency -> Configure

-> Create Field: Decimal -> Configure

-> Create Field: Calculated Number -> Configure


Then we will designate the following calculation to this field:

projectbdgtCstm - ((comissionCstm * 0.01) * projectbdgtCstm)


* This would be a basic commission calculation where Estimated Profit is the difference between the Sales Comission(%) and Project Budget

Now let’s set our Fields exhibition on Layouts:


Detail and Edit View -> Configure


Let’s drag and drop a couple of Rows and fill them with the new fields


It should look like this


Save your layout and go back to the application and try to create a new opportunity


You can see that the Calculated Number field already exhibits the estimated profit


Using Conditions

Now working with a standard 4% commission and let's say that if the Project Budget is equal or grater than $100.000,00 we'll give a 5% comission


So ... 

IF(projectbdgtCstm >= 100000;(projectbdgtCstm - (projectbdgtCstm * 0.05));(projectbdgtCstm - (projectbdgtCstm * 0.04)))


  A $100.000,00 example...

 And see below for a $98.000,00 with a calculated 4% commission deduction


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