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Use a template to ensure that consistent, effective emails are sent both in campaigns that you are currently working on and in future campaigns. Templates are not for the sole use of campaigns though and can be used when sending an individual email to a contact or lead from the contact or lead detail views.


Create a new template

To create a new email Template head to the Marketing module. Hover over 'Templates and click on the 'Create Template button.

This opens the Email Template Wizard and you have a choice of three options. You can choose the Template Builder, Text only or HTML. 

Template Builder

Click on the 'Create' button to open the 'Template Builder'.

Firstly, add the name and subject of your template. You can also add any attachments by clicking the + sign next to 'Add Files' to search for files. When you are happy click next to continue.

The Template Builder window opens with the default 1 Column layout. Many more are available. To see them, click on the 'Select a different layout' button.

The different layouts can then be selected or previewed to check out what they look like. Let's take a look at the 2 Column Preview.

The 2 Column Layout will look like the following in our emails should we choose to select it. Once finished with the preview click close to return to the list of layouts.

If you're happy with the way your email looks in the preview click on the 'Use' button to confirm your layout.

You have the option to change your layout by selecting a different one or click 'Next' to proceed to the editor.

The editor allows you to customize your template by adding buttons, dividers, images and other features. Just drag and drop whatever you would like into the template. When you are done with editing you can either click on the 'Preview' button or to 'Send Test Email' to check out how it will look to recipients.

Clicking on the 'Send Test Email' gives you the option to email one of your existing contacts or leads, or to send to a custom email address.

Click 'Send' and you'll receive a confirmation message that the email was successfully sent to your recipient.

Click next to continue with the Template Builder.

Now you can edit the body of text for your email.

Make your emails more personalized by using Merge Tags. They pull dynamic information from the CRM into the email. To use merge tags simply add a field name (not display name) from the CRM into the email within double brackets. For example, personally address your emails by adding the tag [[FIRST^NAME]].

For help click on the 'Merge Tag Guide' tab or check out our merge tag guide to view examples for all of the fields you could possibly want to include.

Note: the footer set by the administrator in the Marketing Configuration Settings will be appended to the end of your template.

HTML Content 

If you choose to create an Email Template using HTML content, you can type directly into the box and customize the look and feel using the available buttons. You can also copy existing HTML code using the <> button to view and edit.


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