Using the Dashboard

Multiple dashboards can be created in the CRM. They are particularly useful in allowing users to switch emphasis. For example, one organization or user may have a corporate dashboard, a dashboard for sales, billing and other departments. Multiple dashboards allow the organisation, or user, to switch focus from one department to another. 

If you are an Administrator then you can set up a dashboard and push that other users ensuring that team members or departments are all reading off the same page.

How to create a new dashboard

All users can create a new dashboard by clicking on the Create Dashboard button on the homepage.

Enter a name for the new dashboard and select which layout to use from the dropdown box.

Click Save and the new dashboard will be created. You will be taken to the new dashboard straight away. Click Add Portlet at the top to complete your dashboard with all the required information that you need at your fingertips.

Scroll through the options of portlets. You can only add one at a time so find the one you need, click on Add Portlet and then repeat the process.

Numerous options can be taken with the dashboard. The name and layout type can be edited and the dashboard can be deleted. Click on the appropriate tab to take actions. To change between your dashboards hover over Switch Dashboard and select the one that you require.


Push dashboards (Super Administrators only)

Pushing a dashboard is a way for Admins to set up dashboard on behalf of others and send send them to individual users or groups on the CRM.  When you push a dashboard to another user it will replace their default dashboard.

Remember however that portlets on that dashboard will populate with relevant information for each user. For example, an admin may push the Sales dashboard to various members on the sales team with the My Leads portlet the information populated will depend upon what each member of the sales team has saved in the CRM.

Important users can only have one pushed dashboard at a time. If the admin pushes a dashboard to a user a second time this will replace the one that they originally received. This does not affect the dashboards that users create themselves. 


How to push a dashboard

Admin users have the option to Push Dashboard available. Clicking on the link allows you to type in the name of the user or group that you want to send the dashboard to. 


After Save is clicked the dashboard will be immediately sent to the user and will appear as the default option, replacing any previously pushed dashboard.


TipDid you know?! 
Admins can also push the layouts of individual records for Contacts, Accounts, Leads and Opportunities.To do so click on the padlock icon in the top right hand corner of a record in order to unlock the layout. Then click on Push Layout and, just as above, select the user or group to receive it. Clicking on save will establish the layout as default for that record for all specified users.
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