CrossGraph Integration

CrossGraph, Gravity4's automated lead generation tool is now integrated with so that your new leads are delivered directly to your sales teams for follow up the minute they are captured.

What is CrossGraph?

Crossgraph is Gravity4's intuitive and easily automated lead generation platform. Advanced analytics, lead identification and targeting tools allow you to effortlessly target, launch, and track campaigns.

You can find out more or request a demo at 

Configure the integration

We will assume you have both a CrossGraph and account, if you don't why not contact our sales team who can provide pricing on either platform.

TIP: If Gravity4 manages your CrossGraph campaigns then simply contact your account manager who will configure this for you.

To get going you will need to configure the integration in CrossGraph. These steps could not be easier.

  • Log in to your CrossGraph account
  • Click on your name at the top of the screen and select My account from the menu
  • From the Account overview screen scroll until you see the integration form
  • Here enter the Username, Password and URL to your account as shown in the example.
  • Click Save

You're all set up, now any leads captured through your CrossGraph campaigns will appear automatically as Leads in

NOTE: By default new lead records created in will be assigned to the user define on the integration setup page. If you change the users password in you must remember to update the password in Crossgraph as well.

Is there anything else I need to do?

To get the most out of the integration we recommend making the following changes in

Create a CrossGraph Campaign field (optional)

You may be running multiple CrossGraph campaigns, each time a lead is generated we capture that infomation so that you can show it in as well.  To do this you need to create a new text field in, here is how.

  • Click on the Gear symbol in and chose Designer from the menu
  • Click to configure the Contacts module
  • Click on the Fields action button
  • From the Create Field dropdown choose to create a new Text field
  • Enter this field name exactly like this "campaignName"
  • Add a Display name like "CrossGraph Campaign" and click save

The next time a lead is created in by CrossGraph it will also include the details of the CrossGraph camapign that generated it. You may wish to add this new field to your the Detail Layout of your Leads module so that it is displayed on the record when its opened.

Add Crossgraph value to Source picklist (optional)

We recommend adding a new value of CrossGraph to the Source field on the contacts module. New leads generated via Crossgraph will be tagged with this source value when created in but it must exist in in the Source picklist first. 

  • Click on the Gear symbol in and chose Designer from the menu
  • Click to configure the Contacts module
  • Click on the Fields action button
  • Find the Source field and click Configure
  • Add a new value to the list for Crossgraph and click save

What information is captured in

When a new lead is created in form CrossGraph we pull across as much information as possible to fields in Below are a list of the fields which are populated in

  • First Name - First name of the captured CrossGraph lead
  • Last Name - Last name of the captured CrossGraph lead
  • Primary email address - Email address captured from CrossGraph
  • Office Phone - Default telephone number from CrossGraph lead
  • Campaign name - Name of CrossGraph campaign (see above for more info)
  • Source - Defaults to CrossGraph (see above for more info)
  • Owner - Defaults to the user used to configure the integration

Duplicate Checking

Before creating new CrossGraph Leads in we check to see if they already exists as a Lead or Contact by matching email addresses.  If a match is found then a new Lead record is not created, instead a new Note record is appended to the existing Contact or Lead which includes all the information captured by CrossGraph.

This prevents duplicate records from being created in which might otherwise result in 2 sales reps calling the same individual to speak about the services you offer.

Recommended Workflows

Your is truly yours to customize as you wish, sometimes though it makes sense to recommend a couple of workflows that will help your sales team. Here are some recommended workflows to think about if you are using the CrossGraph integration.

Notification of new Lead

A simple on-save workflow that sends an email notification to your sales reps when a new lead is created in You might want to add additional triggers to only alert users when the new lead has a specific CrossGraph Campaign value.

Notification of new registration

As explained in the Duplicate Checking section above will create a Note record if an existing contact in your CRM registers in response to a CrossGraph campaign you are running. 

Since a new Lead will not be created in this scenario you may wish to create a workflow to send a notification to the existing owner of the matched Contact record to let them know this individual registered again.

A simple Note centric on-save workflow with a trigger like WHERE Description Starts with "CrossGraph sent lead data" would allow you to trigger an action or message to the existing record owner.

Round Robin Assign new Leads

As explained in this article all new leads created in are by default owned by the user defined in the integration configuration. It is possible however to have new leads be automatically reassigned in a round robin fashion between your sales reps using Lead Queues and Workflow

Begin by creating a Lead Queue that will reassign new leads in a round robin fashion between users you choose to add to the queue.  Then add an on-save workflow that triggers when new CrossGraph generated leads are created in This workflow should include an action update to the owner of the record. The owner will become the Queue that you set up.  This in turn will reassign the new Lead fairly to the next Sales rep designated designated in your queue.




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