Bounce mail

A bounce message is an automated message generated to inform the sender that the message wasn't delivered for some reason. Typically this message is generated by the destination mail server.

There are many different reasons why an email may bounce for example if the email address you sent to no longer exists or if the recipient mailbox is full. When sending large email campaigns or autoresponders its important to track bounces so that you can properly determine how many of your emails were received and the relative health of your marketing list.

How can I track bounced messages?

To track bounced messages in you must first configure a bounce handling account. We recommend that you specify a dedicated email account for this purpose, i.e. This account inbox will receive all automated responses from recipient mail servers targeted by a marketing campaign, all messages in the inbox will be deleted by after processing. 

You'll need to provide details of the bounce handling account to  You can do this by going to:

Administration > Email configuration > Bounce email configuration

How exactly does it work?

  1. All automated responses from recipient mail servers are sent to the bounce handling inbox you configured.
  2. The Process Bounced emails job accesses the bounce account inbox and reads every email in the folder email.
  3. All emails received from or are considered as hard bounces.  All other emails are ignored.
  4. All email messages which have hard bounced will be marked as "Invalid" in the CRM.  It wil not be possible to send email campaigns to them thereafter.
  5. Each email is deleted from the bounce handling inbox after processing.
  6. Information about each bounced email is passed back to and the information displayed on the camapign chart.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do not use a personal email account for Bounce handling.  All emails in the Bounce handling account will be deleted after processing by
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