3.0.5 Update

We are excited to announce the release of 3.0.5!  

New Features

  • Favorites Available in Reports Module - You can now Star/Favorite reports. This functionality previously existed in Leads, Contacts and Accounts modules and is now available in the Reports module.  
  • Favorite Reports Portlet - You can show your favorited Reports on your dashboard by adding the Favorite Reports porlet. In order for a favorited report to appear it must be owned by the User as well as favorited.
  • View Reports by Logged in User - New option for Owner filter in Reports. You can select a specific Owner or set to Logged in User which will show only items owned by the logged in user.

Ex. Admin creates a Report for All Contacts. Filter set to Last Name = Not Empty and Owner = Logged in user. When Sally logs in and runs the report she will see only her Contacts. When John runs the report he will only see his Contacts.


  • Marketing Campaign improvements - Send test emails during a Running or Paused campaign.
  • Internal improvements to Task completion.
  • Contact module improvements - Edit Salutation pick list values in the Designer, previously not possible.
  • Mass updates are available in the Products module.
  • Improvements to Imports - There is now a browser popup warning a user that navigating away from an active Import will cause the Import to stop.
  • Improvements to Exports - Decreased to export batch size and increase to frequency of Export Job. This change will enable large exports that do not timeout.
  • Bug fix - Dependent pick list no longer keep old values. When a value is changed it’s dependent values will change accordingly.
  • Bug fix - Export of a Product based Report causes an error. This issue has been resolved.
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