Data Cleanup

The Data Cleanup tool is used when emails from Outlook or Email Archiving are not linked to a Contact record in

You can find the Data Cleanup tool in the user menu in the top menu in 


When an email with no matching Contact record is synced using the Outlook Plugin or Email Archiving it will be orphaned and stored in Data Cleanup.

When viewing Unmatched Archived Emails you will have the option to do one of three things:

  • Select an existing Contact/Lead
  • Create a new Contact/Lead
  • Delete the email entirely

Match to an existing Contact/Lead

If you choose to Select a Contact / Lead a selection box will appear where you can type ahead or search for an existing contact or lead record to archive the email against.

If you are having difficulty finding the Contact/Lead record you can perfrom an advanced search as well.

Create a new Contact or Lead

If the Contact or Lead does not exist in you can create them right from the Data Cleanup section.


When creating a Contact you will also have the option to create or select an existing Account. 

Delete the email

Maybe the email was archived in error or you just want to clean it out of the data clean up area.  For those or similar scenarios you have the option to simply delete the email.

Note that doing this will delete the email record itself



Q. Can I clean up emails that a colleague of mine has archived?

A. Each users Data Clean up area is unique, it will only show orphaned emails that were archived by your user.  At this time it is not possible to access the Data clean up area of other users to clean up archived emails on their behalf.  The only way to achieve this is to login in as that user.

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