Mentions in provide the option to mention another user in a Comment. After a Task, Social post, Conversation or Mission is created Users have the ability to mention another User in their comments. Users can also be mentioned in the Feed Comment portlet. When commenting simply type the "@" symbol followed by the Users name.  


Social posts and User mentions in Comments to Social posts do not generate Inbox or Email notifications. 

Mentions made in comment on a Tasks, Conversation, Mission or within the Feed Comments portlet will generate notifications. Notifications will arrive in your Inbox and/or Email depending your Advanced Notification settings. Use the link in the notification to jump directly to the Task, Conversation, Mission or record you were mentioned on.

Inbox Notification for comment on a Task

Email Notification for comment on a Task

Subscribing and Unsubscribing

When a User is mentioned on a Task or within the Comment Feed portlet, that User will be subscribed. If a User no longer wishes recieve notifications they may unsubscribe.

In order to join a Conversation the creator or existing participants must add the User as a participant or mention the User in a comment. A mention in the conversation will make you a participant. If a User wishes not to be part of the conversation, they can leave the Conversation.

Mentions in a comment for a Mission will not subscribe a User, Missions are visible to all system Users. 



Q. Can I mention a User who does not have access to the record ot Task?

A. No, if you attempt to mention a user who does not have access to the record or Task their name will not appear as an option after typing "@".  

Q. What happens happens if I lose access to a record or Task I am subscribed to?

A. If you lose access to the record, perhaps because the rights and permissions were changed you will no longer receive notifications about new comments that are added to the thread.

You will still be listed as a subscriber on the thread however so should you later be given access to the record again you will automatically receive any new comments that are made.

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