3.1.0 Release - January 2016

It's January, the start of a new year and there's no better way to kick it off other than to say we're delighted to announce a new! 3.1.0 is the latest and greatest instalment. See below for some exciting new features. some labour-saving improvements and some satisfying bug fixes...

New features!

The latest release of really takes collaboration to the next level. Two great new features, the Feed Comments portal and Mentions revolutionize the way your team shares information on the CRM.

The Feed Comments portlet helps get everyone involved. It allows you to add comments to an Account, Lead, Contact or Opportunity. Feed comments are a great way to begin a dialogue about a particular record. Text comments can also be supplemented by any required supporting documents.

Feed comments also allow you to drag in all the other team members you require by simply mentioning their @name. As you begin to type your colleague’s name will throw up suggestions of the person you want to tag into the conversation, providing of course they have permission to view/edit the record in question, they will instantly become ‘participants’ in the conversation and receive a notification letting them know that their 2 cents are desired!

User mentions are supported on Feed Comments, Tasks and Conversations, so go collaborate!

Campaign Retargetting is another great new feature that allows you to target segments of your audience based on their interaction with your completed campaign. You can opt therefore to comprise a list of all individuals that viewed or clicked on your campaign and send them a follow up message to check how they're getting on!



We've made some important stylistic improvements that allow you to work quicker and faster in We really care about your productivity! Colour changes in the comments portlet and wording changes in the 'what's going on portlet' makes using easier than ever.

Marketing list creation performance has been optimized and jumped from 1st to 6th gear! Before, when you created a new marketing list from the list view or from a report, an average of 165 contacts were exported per minute. Now, 1000 contacts per minute can be added!

Add Owner field to record Detail layout.  By popular demand it is now possible to add the Owner field into the Detail layout of a record.  Previously it could only be seen in the system info under the record detail.

Exclude triggered by user form Workflow messages.  Now setting messages on workflow triggers you have the option to exclude the user who triggered the workflow from receiving the email message it fires.  For example, you can create a workflow notifying users when they are assigned a new account and prevent the email from being sent when a user assigns a record to himself. 

Quickly find the records that matter to you using the 'Items I Own' feature in any search box. Selecting this and searching will show you all of the records that you are the owner of.


Bug fixes 3.1.0 brings a bunch of bug fixes to optimize your enjoyment of the platform. We are very grateful to all users who send bug reports to as we always strive to iron out any wrinkles in our CRM!

A list of bug fixes in 3.1.0 can be found below:

  • UI - Google fonts cookies concern
  • UI - Styling Issue - Designer - Custom Field Configure button
  • UI - Reports by owner on calendar page styling improvement
  • UI - Issue with comments in modal view and modal close button
  • UI - Style form for edit comments
  • UI - Rights and permissions position on reports
  • Workflow email templates carry “\” before periods and colons
  • Opportunities by Sales Stage Dashboard chart incorrect
  • Remove "Related Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities" disables Notes
  • Funnel Chart does not respect report ordering
  • Count values in chart display as currencies
  • Edit comments for tasks not working
  • Exclude notificationSubscribers from workflow and report elements
  • Search results were not updating correctly
  • Issue when using quotes in comments
  • Fix issue with carriage returns in comments
  • My Open Tasks - issue with Owner field
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