What is CRM.me?

CRM.me enables you to run marketing, sales, and project management all from one solution. CRM.me is a revolutionary enterprise-grade CRM platform that integrates gamification for a truly engaging experience that promotes collaboration and produces real business results.

Always be closing

CRM.me's sales management tools help you track activities, grow your pipeline, and manage customers.

Lead Management

Nurture leads and convert them into opportunities. Customize the lead views with custom fields that match your business processes.

Activity Management

Track important interactions and share them with the team. Schedule calls and meetings, and upload important documents.

Deal Tracker

Use CRM.me to track and manage opportunities. Visualize your pipeline and forecast sales more accurately. Add custom sales stages and custom fields to track important opportunity information.

Teams and Territories

Team selling is a breeze in CRM.me. Setup distinct groups of people and create ad-hoc sharing rules for all modules including accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities.

Sales Workflow

Route, notify, and follow-up automatically with smart sales workflows. It frees up
sales people to do what they do best; close deals.

Advanced Analytics

Visualize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make decisions based on the ROI.

Marketing Workflow

Automate your marketing process and make sure every prospect continues to get nurtured.

Teamwork Redefined

CRM.me’s project management tools helps your team stay organized, collaborate on tasks, and track progress. Use Kanban cards to create a beautiful visualization of how a project is progressing. CRM.me lets you restrict access to sensitive projects and provide key players ad-hoc access as needed.

CRM.me helps you to visualize goals and hit milestones, getting things done in a fun and intuitive way.


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