Currency Exchange Rates

Companies today have a farther reach for selling their products and services into countries other than their home country. A lot of these sales are carried out in each country’s local currency, and to keep up to date, client relationship management systems have to be able to manage exchange rates in a multi-currency world. has incorporated an exchange rate system where many different currencies can be added and used for converting to and from USD (United States Dollars).  When a currency is first added, its exchange rate is updated. Then, when the currency is used again in an operation, the system checks when the last update was performed. If the currency update is more than 24 hours ago, the system will automatically perform an update as needed. In the very near future, functionality will be added to auto update all the currencies every night. uses the currency exchange rate service provided by,  which is based on information provided by the ECB (European Central Bank). By using an online service, the application is able to automatically update the exchange rates for the currencies that have been added. The currencies can then be used throughout the application for any sale that require them.

Currently available currencies table.

Currency Name Code
Australia Dollar AUD
Bulgaria Lev BGN
Brazil Real BRL
Canada Dollar CAD
Switzerland Franc CHF
China Yuan Renminbi CNY
Czech Republic Koruna CZK
Denmark Krone DKK
Euro EUR
United Kingdom Pound GBP
Hong Kong Dollar HKD
Crotia Kuna HRK
Hungary Forint HUF
Indonesia Rupiah IDR
Isreal Shekel ILS
India Rupee INR
Japan Yen JPY
Korea (South) Won KRW
Sri Lanka Rupee LKR
Lithuania Litas LTL
Latvia Lat LVL
Mexico Peso MXN
Malaysia Ringgit MYR
Norway Krone NOK
New Zealand Dollar NZD
Philippines Peso PHP
Poland Zloty PLN
Romania New Leu RON
Russia Ruble RUB
Sweden Krona SEK
Singapore Dollar SGD
Thailand Baht THB
Turkey Lira TRY
Taiwan New Dollar TWD
United States Dollar USD
Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte VEF
South Africa Rand ZAR
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