How to Add More Users to Your License

A basic tier of License comes with 2 users. In case you want to create more users, you will need to upgrade your license.

See the instruction here for how to upgrade.

Please note that once you have upgraded your license, there is a lead time of roughly 24 hours before the User Count is updated. Alternatively, there is a way to manually update. Click the gear icon General-Icon-Pack-1_0037_settings.png and select “Administration” from the drop-down.  At the Administration screen, select License Management.


In there, just click Validate and Save. The Named User Count will be updated accordingly in only a few seconds.


If your purchase of a subscription was made from AppSumo, the AppSumo codes CANNOT be applied here. Instead, please stack your codes using this page.

If the deal is over and you'd like to add additional licenses to your account, please note the following::
- all users need to be on the same tier, if you'd like to upgrade your entire account please contact support.
- your redeemed licenses are locked in for lifetime access, only additional licenses will be billed.
- you get a special pricing discount for joining us via AppSumo! Contact support and we'll sort you out.

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