3.2.9 Release - November 2019

We're excited to announce the release of 3.2.9! In this article, we're going to group new features and improvements since the 3.2.6 release.


New Features

  • Added enable/disable feature for each filter in Dashboard portlets.
  • Added configurable My Projects standard portlet.



  • Email campaigns improvement related to the size of email messages.
  • License Manager improvements.


Bug Fixes

  • Dependent pick lists wrong display fixed. Bug was identified in case of multiple dependent pick lists used.
  • Opportunity "Time in stage" message display configurable. In Designer -> Opportunites
  • Now it's possible to reorder the sequence of tag cloud fields.
  • Editor loses focus fixed.
  • Increased size for custom field data storage. Especially needed for very large pick lists.



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