Phone (Twilio integration)

Make phone calls directly from This article will walk you through the process of configuring your Twilio account with so lets begin!


In order to start using the Twilio API you will need to gather values for 4 configuration fields. We will explain in detail how to do that.

First we will copy ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN fields.

You can find them on the Dashboard -> Settings:


Copy these as you'll need them later. Please make sure to copy the entire AUTH TOKEN.


Next we'll be creating a Twilio App. Please go to All Products & Services -> Programmable Voice -> TwiML -> TwiML Apps -> Create new TwimML App



Provide a Friendly Name, leave blank the other fields and click Create.



Open the App you've just created and copy the SID value. You will need it in the next step.



After you have created the app, it is time to create the function, and to do that you should go to

All Products & Services -> Functions -> Create a Function -> Twilio Client Quickstart.



Type in the SID you have previously saved in the field TWIML_APP_SID. For CALLER_ID, you should type in the number you want to be shown as caller ID when making a call. Please make sure to copy/save these two values as you'll need them later to configure section.


Once the function created TWIML_APP_SID and CALLER_ID can be found under:

Twilio Client Quickstart (Voice calls) -> Configure

Now we need to link the function with the App you created. First you will copy the path as follows:



Then you will paste it on your App configuration page as follows:

All Products & Services -> Programmable Voice -> TwiML -> TwiML Apps -> Click on the App you created in step 1. Then paste the path value in  for "Request Url", in both places Voice and Messageing. Click Save.



Now you can configure twilio section. Go to Administration -> Plugins -> Twilio and fill in the required fields.



In case you want to set the individual configuration for a specific user you can go to:

My profile -> Configuration -> Twilio Configuration


After you have completed the configuration, you can simply click on the number in the system and you will make a phone call.




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