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Customizable portlets


it would be nice to customize portlets, the size and columns to display.

For example the Task portlet could include the name of the project it is associated with.


Advancis Service Desk

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Hi Mario,

Thanks for the suggestion here, its something that has come up in feedback from customers a few times and we already have this feature added in our roadmap, you can see the feature request here:

We will soon be organizing our feature requests for our next release and this is a popular one. Of course the more support we see for it here the more likely we are to include this in sooner. Its a feature I personally would like to see included in 3.1 :)

Ross Peetoom

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Hi Mario

The Open Tasks portlet now has two extra columns by default - Activity Items and Project - which allow you to add information about Accounts, Contacts, Projects and Opportunities. The information entered into these columns serve as links to the records themselves.

For example, clicking on the opportunity listed under ‘activity items’ in the open task portlet will take you directly to the record of the opportunity in question.

This feature will be available in the next release of

Thanks for the suggestion!

Luke Richmond 0 votes

Hi Mario,

In case you missed it we did add this feature in our last release back in September. By default now the Tasks Portlet on the home page will also show links to any related Project, Contact, Opportunity or Account. :)

Thanks again for submitting the suggestion, we love being able to make the platform better based directly on your feedback!

Ross Peetoom 0 votes